New York State Festival of Balloons - Dansville, NY
Pilot Invitation for the 2019 Event

NYSFOB is proud to offer the following amenities to the balloon entry forms accepted prior to July 1, 2019:

* $225.00 Participation Stipend
* Propane
* Coffee and Donuts at morning briefings
* Host Family lodging
* Passengers - sold by NYSFOB Ride Operations Only for commercial pilots
* Website acknowledgment
* Pilot and Crew Competition Prizes
* Local area map
* Passes for you and your crew for the Festival grounds

PILOT Entry Requirements

1) $50.00 Entry fee required. You will be invoiced by Email for online payment.
2) Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate.
3) Minimum of 75 hours LTA/PIC. Minimum of 10 hours PIC within the last year.
4) Aircraft AIR WORTHINESS and AIRCRAFT LOGBOOK. (Will be checked at registration).
5) All balloons must arrive fully fueled (Arrive full - Leave full)
6) Safety tie-off required and must be used at all launch sites.
7) You must be on time for registration and present for all briefings.
8) You are encouraged to carry an aircraft radio.
9) Application filled out COMPLETELY and submitted by August 1, 2019.
10) Certificate of Insurance with the Additionally Insured in effect during the festival dates 08/30/2019 to 9/02/2019.
11) One entry form per pilot.
12) No Pets allowed on festival grounds or launch field.
13) No advertising or banners may be flown unless provided by NYSFOB or prior approval of NYSFOB.
14) Launch field access will be limited to Pilots, Crew and Passengers only.
15) The Festival Ride Operations will handle all passenger ride sales.

New pilots are welcome. -- First time participating pilots need to complete the additional form "First Time at NYSFOB Pilot" from the NYSFOB website (in addition to this form).

Pilots meeting the committee standards will be considered for participation.

Any Questions, please contact Gerri Waight - 585.335.9640 -

Balloon and Pilot Documentation required at On-Site Registration.

1) Airworthiness Certificate (not a copy)
2) Operator's Manual
3) Aircraft logbook showing current inspection
4) Pilot Certificate (Plastic)
5) Balloon Registration
6) Pilot log book showing currency within the last 90 days and flight review within the last two years.
7) A copy of your insurance policy.

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