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We are in the process of launching The Diaspora Angel Investor Network and a Venture Capital Fund and we are currently accepting applications. Please see the requirements below and submit the form if you believe you qualify.

Minimum Criteria:
We are industry agnostic however we do prefer certain industries over others. Go here to learn more about our preferred industries for investment. Your business must be in the pre-seed or seed stage for consideration. 

  • Must be in the USA or Africa (and registered in the USA if you're raising from USA investors).
  • Must have an MVP (minimum viable product) or Product Landing Page (Website).
  • Should have traction (e.g. registered users, user waiting list, memorandum of understanding from a customer, letter of intent from a customer, pilot customers, and/or paying customers).
  • Revenue generating preferred/ideal but not required in all cases (at least $25k annually for some industries and $100k for others).
  • Economically and socially disadvantaged, underrepresented, and overlooked groups given priority (e.g. women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, veterans, entrepreneurs lacking a network or other resources, etc).
  • Michigan based companies strongly preferred and given priority. If you're not currently based in Michigan you must be willing to establish a presence in Michigan (i.e. opening a remote or physical office in the Metro Detroit area and hiring employees locally, hiring a Detroit based service provider for long-term contract work, or relocating to the city full time).

IMPORTANT: Once your submission is received, we will followup if we are interested in hearing your pitch.

This form takes 7 to 10 minutes to complete.

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Generally speaking, should cover: vision, problem, solution, why this team, and use of funds. Make sure this is a public link as multiple people on our team will need access to review it. (If we can't open the link, we won't review your submission).

Non-Tech Founders, please insert "N/A".
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(Examples: Total annual recurring revenue, total number of customers or users, percentage of growth year over year, potential customers, etc)

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We appreciate range over exact number since we know there are many variables that go into it.
Additional Fundraising Details:
1. In total, how much funding have you raised/obtained to date?
2. Tech Founders, for the current round, let us know details around commits, term sheets, timeline, valuation and term expectations.
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