From Fear to Fearless-A Journey to Your Truth
WBMT believes to fully develop as a therapist, it is essential to investigate all that you are and hope to become. We work under the premise that you can never take a client anywhere you have not been willing to go yourself. Because this work can be intense and requires a great amount of trust, enrollment is kept to 10 participants or less. The environment is kept safe, structured, intimate, nurturing, and  away from everyday pressures and concerns.  

This retreat is part of an ongoing self-awareness journey. And as we know - we never stop learning and growing.  An experience of this type has the power to jump start a stalled journey, catapult a stuck journey, validate the present or open a wonderful new area  to explore!

Participants have the opportunity to investigate and confront themselves and each other on various issues. As a group, we become a holding  space for others to do their work.  Participants are witnesses to each others’ process. What a privilege and honor that is!!!

As therapists, participants will experience exactly what is asked of our clients on a daily basis in music therapy sessions.  Participants are able to experience first hand the apprehension, mistrust and frustration of being asked to share parts of themselves that are less comfortable to share. Addressing personal issues is key to investigating how you run your sessions.  It has everything to do with the music you choose, the instruments you use, the topics you address and the clients you accept.

This intimate, 3 ½ day retreat will be an opportunity to take a deep dive into your current truth.  It is a chance to review your assumptions, values, beliefs and attachments and how they affect your personal and professional life.  Through use of music listening, improvisation, songwriting and multi-modal creation, participants will examine parts of themselves in relation to their fears, character flaws, resentments, and assets. The retreatants will be given the tools and opportunity to let go of unuseful baggage and recognize and celebrate  assets. Being a part of this intimate retreat will afford an opportunity to share areas that are potentially holding you back from experiencing a fearless truth. 
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