Slychestnut's Commission Forms
Hi! My assumption is that you went through here from either a Place where this is public, or through my Website. If you haven't already, please visit the link

This is required as you'll need to read the pricing and it has a answers to questions that might be important for this. Here are some of the major ones though:
  • Absolutely no Minors, meaning commissioners must be 18+; this also includes drawing minors unless for non-fetish and non-nsfw art. I do not draw Child Porn. I do not Draw Gore. I do not Draw Death.
  • Patreon Members who have Discounts should fill in the section accordingly, if you do not have Patreon then please ignore or skip it. If you say you're pledging and I don't find you are a member of my Page then I will not give you the discount.
  • I will not draw Certain Fetishes. If you're unsure then check my Fetish Document; If there aren't any that are there that you'd like to know about, then please check in with me about it.
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