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So excited to chat with you! Help us get to know you better and figure out if you're a good fit to join Team Fuego. Once you finish the application, we'll share the next steps with you.
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Tell me about your goals! I want to know what you are looking to accomplish through coaching with us. Describe the results you would like to see in your body over the next 4 months to a year (be specific) *
Why do you want to accomplish these results/goals? Go deeper within yourself rather than surface level goals. Think about how you will feel if you don't reach those goals. *
Currently, what is the biggest challenge you are facing reaching your goals? In the "other" option at the bottom answer the reason you think you are facing these challenges. *
What is your experience with tracking macros or calories?
If you are currently tracking, please tell me what your macros are now & how much weight you've been gaining/losing a week on those macros. If you are a total newbie-don't worry! That why we are here for plus we also provide personalized meal plans that shows you how simple and fun it can be to hit your macro targets.
Do you have diagnosed health problems, physical limitations, or any history  with eating disorders?
Explain your current fitness/exercise routine. What kind of workouts do you do? How frequently? Are you working with a trainer?
Are you ready to make a financial investment in your overall mindset, health, relationship with food & MORE, for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks?
When's your IDEAL START date? 
For competitors or interested in competing only, please answer below:
1-Have you COMPETED before?
2-Are You Interested in Competing in NPC/IFBB Competitions?
3-WHICH City / Country Do You Reside In?
4-Do you have a potential show date? 
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