The Economic Impact of Workplace Bullying
Workplace bullying is bad for business; it leads to decreased productivity, lower morale, increased absenteeism, and attrition. Help show legislators the actual economic impact of workplace bullying so we can make it illegal by filling out this brief survey.
How many days of work have you missed in total as a result of being bullied at work?
What was your employer’s total cost for all of the days you missed (dollars) due to being bullied at work?
How much “out of pocket” costs did you pay for medical expenses (copay, deductibles, prescriptions, etc.)?
How much did your medical insurer pay in total on expenses associated with workplace bullying?
What other costs did you incur as a result of workplace bullying? Briefly explain.
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What do you estimate was the total cost to the organization/company for losing you? (Job search, hiring, training, productivity, etc.)
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How many workers have the perpetrators of abusive conduct driven from the workplace over the years?
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What were the combined salaries of those terminated, constructively discharged, or made to quit?
In what state do you work?
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