Monthly University Puppy Raiser Check-In Report
Please fill out this form for each month you have your 4 Paws foster dog.

University Puppy Raiser Program: as a reminder each dog should be going on 5 outings per week, half of which should include children.

If you have questions please contact:

University Program Coordinator: Lynn Agee -

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The most important aspect of puppy raising is socialization! Your work introducing your 4 Paws puppy to new sights, sounds, people and places is critical to their success as a service dog. Your university program contract requires 5 total outings per week. A new experience might mean going to a new place, like a new grocery store, restaurant, museum, or movie theater. It also might mean a new experience, like watching someone use a forklift, hearing an emergency siren, meeting someone wearing a uniform, or meeting a new group of children. Refer to your list of experiences for ideas on new places and things to do with your puppy!

In this section, please list all of the NEW EXPERIENCES your puppy has had this month.

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Week 5 (for some months):
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Generally, how is your foster puppy doing on these socialization outings *
Meeting new children
Meeting new adults
Seeing new things
Hearing new things
Obedience in public
Comfort in uniform (vest, gentle leader, etc.)
Please explain any of the above that your puppy does not enjoy.
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Obedience work is a necessary foundation for service dogs, so the work you do as a puppy raiser is very important. Your contract requires you to attend 1 4 Paws Puppy Raiser Class per month. Remember, that daily informal practice is important as well to ensure your puppy is always learning and improving. Additionally, it is important that you practice these skills at home and in public. Tricks are a fun thing to add to your obedience practice time!
Go Potty
Roll Over
High Five
Holds commands (without saying "stay")
What other commands does your puppy know or are you working on?
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Are you taking an optional non-4 Paws obedience class with your puppy? What class? *
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4 Paws Monthly Obedience Class Date
House Manners
House manners are really important for your puppy! Toys on the ground, vacuum cleaners, and doorbells are just some things in the daily environment that you can offer to them. Good house manners like greeting people nicely and becoming accustomed to appliances are important to practice so that you puppy will know how to behave well in all environments when they are placed as a service dog! This level of comfort and success is very important to helping your puppy become a service dog.

If you are having trouble helping your puppy learn proper house manners or if you have a concern about a specific behavior, please contact your Puppy Raiser Coordinator:

University Program Coordinator: Lynn Agee -

Behavior issues we are working on: *
Please list any other behavior issues you are working on:
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Please provide a detailed explanation of any issues you are working on:
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Medical Care
For non-emergency veterinary concerns please contact your Puppy Raiser Coordinator:
University Program Coordinator: Lynn Agee -
For emergency veterinary concerns please contact Karen Shirk by call or text: 937-708-6677

To schedule vaccine, spay/neuter, and other vet appointments email:

How much does your puppy weigh? (lbs) *
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I gave my puppy his/her monthly Flea & Tick medication (NexGard, Activyl, Frontline) on: *
I gave my puppy his/her monthly Heartworm Medication (Heartgard) on: *
Please rate your puppy's health in the follow areas *
Bowel Movements
If any of the above are poor/abnormal, please explain
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Care and Grooming
While your puppy is in your care they should remain well groomed. This includes bathing, brushing, and nail care. Most 4 Paws puppies will require regular, moderate grooming throughout their time with you. Doodle and poodle breeds may require more intense grooming care, to include increased brushing or a haircut.

You may bring your pup to 4 Paws and bathe them in the dog baths!

If you think your doodle/poodle needs a haircut please contact Lynn who can assist with 4 Paws policies for grooming appointments.

Please indicate what grooming activities you have performed on your puppy this month:
Please tell us anything else that you think we should know about your puppy!
Please tell us more about your puppy's strengths, personality, etc.
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Questions or Problems?
Contact your Puppy Raiser Coordinator, Lynn Agee, for assistance, as soon as issues or questions arise. We are here to assist and look forward to working along side you as you help us prepare your puppy for success!


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