Hedging Quiz
A small fun quiz to help you figure out how geared up you are for Forex Hedging
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1. How do you make forex profit?
2. Forex Profit/ Loss comes due to:
3. What is the best case scenario for earning forex profit?
4. What is the primary role of Hedging?
5. Is Hedging profit really good for me? For hedging profit to be good, my hedge ratio should be:
6. Hedging success depend on:
7. Forex or Hedging Profit/ Loss will happen when:
8. What is more dangerous from a risk point of view?
9. How important is it to have a Hedging Cost Budget for hedging success?
10. Is hedging costless?
11. How many time (out of 10) do you expect any person's forecast to be right?
12. What do you think is a better tool for Risk Management?
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