Hedging Quiz
A small fun quiz to help you figure out how geared up you are for Forex Hedging
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1. How do you make forex profit? *
2. Forex Profit/ Loss comes due to: *
3. What is the best case scenario for earning forex profit? *
4. What is the primary role of Hedging? *
5. Is Hedging profit really good for me? For hedging profit to be good, my hedge ratio should be: *
6. Hedging success depend on: *
7. Forex or Hedging Profit/ Loss will happen when: *
8. What is more dangerous from a risk point of view? *
9. How important is it to have a Hedging Cost Budget for hedging success? *
10. Is hedging costless? *
11. How many time (out of 10) do you expect any person's forecast to be right? *
12. What do you think is a better tool for Risk Management? *
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