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Describe what hands on activities, demonstrations, games, etc. you will present at your booth to promote/ discuss your nonprofit mission. *
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NPO representative has read this entire application and shall comply with all terms and conditions. *
NPO understands that vending is not allowed in the Make a Difference area, unless agreed upon ahead of time by Nonprofit Coordinator. "Vending” is defined as selling ANY item from your NPO booth on-site, even to raise funds for your organization. *
NPO agrees to have all workshops and/or presentations approved ahead of time by Nonprofit Coordinator. *
NPO agrees to provide Non-profit Coordinator with information about their NPO and on-site activities for the Summer Camp Guide by April 1, 2019. *
NPO agrees to inform Nonprofit Coordinator by April 1, 2019 if NPO is no longer attending Summer Camp Music Festival. *
NPO will be provided with three (3) passes for the event. If additional passes are required, they can be purchased for the full ticket price, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon with Nonprofit Coordinator ahead of time. *
These passes MUST be used for volunteers to man your booth or otherwise help with your organizational needs on site. If SCMF finds these passes are being used in any other way, the festival reserves the right to remove wristbands or request payment from NPO.
NPO booth location will be determined by Nonprofit Coordinator. A 10x10 space will be provided. *
NPO understands electricity may not be provided. NPO will supply own tables, chairs and other necessary equipment to properly run booth space and understands Summer Camp Music Festival will not provide said items. *
NPO understands that Summer Camp Music Festival will not provide, nor be responsible for NPO equipment. NPO is responsible for the security of all equipment, product, and personal affects during Summer Camp Music Festival. Promoter will provide overnight security, however; Promoter takes no responsibility for any losses incurred through theft, carelessness, force majeure, riots, power outage or power surges. *
NPO understands that no substance use of any kind is acceptable at the NPO row, NPO on-site activity and at NPO’s booth space AT ANY TIME once festival gates open. NPO understands that Festival staff reserve the right to have the NPO representatives escorted off-site if any of these items are breached. *
NPO understands all persons involved are representing Make a Difference throughout the festival at all times, including all NPOs in the row, and must act as such. Malicious behavior will not be tolerated and is under the duress of the Make a Difference and SCMF organizers. *
NPO shall make extra effort to oversee all areas immediately surrounding his/her booth to avoid accumulation of trash and residue. NPOs are required to participate in the Greening and Waste Management plans by separating their recycling and reducing your overall waste at the festival. NPO is responsible for any damage to the grounds resulting from NPO’s operations during the Summer Camp Music Festival. Designated fire lanes must be kept clear at all times. *
I hereby warrant and confirm that the above information is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct, and further certify that I have read all of the information provided in this application and agree with the Terms and Conditions provided. It is agreed and understood that the completion of the application shall be binding either to the proposed NPO or to the Summer Camp Music Festival. *
The NPO hereby indemnifies the Summer Camp Music Festival, Progressive Innovations, Ltd. dba Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment, Summer Camp Music Festival LLC., Three Sisters Park, its agents, employees and offices against and agrees to defend and hold them harmless from any and all liability, loss, expense, damage, claims and causes of action arising out of or resulting from or in connection with the NPO’s work or activities. *
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