Quarterly Report
Local/At-Large to Regional. If you are an At-Large Youth Officer and have already reported your activity to a Local Youth Officer or a Regional Youth Officer, you do not have to fill out this form. If you have not reported your activity then you can fill out the first few questions then skip to the end where it says "Events"

I know this is pretty rough. In time we will have a new report form. This is better than having to currently type your reports EVERY time though!

Email address
What Region are you reporting for?
What Group are you reporting from?
If you are an At-Large, Please specify this.
What date is your current report due?
The report dates are: January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. Please pick one of these and add the year.
What is your modern name?
What is your SCA name?
What is the expiration of your Membership?
Do you have a Deputy, If so, what is their Name? (Modern and SCA)
Approximately how many youth (0-17) do you have in your group?
What Problems have you had?
Use this space to let your Regional know what areas you may be struggling with. The more detailed you are, the more we'll be able to help you! Some suggestions are: Planning activities at events, Communication with parents, communication with Kingdom, reporting requirements, child participation at events, maintaining discipline, etc.
What goals do you have for your office.
The Youth Office is still fairly new and growing all the time! What goals do you have that will encourage your office and help you make the best of your time in office?
Did you accomplish last term's goals?
If not, that's okay! Some goals are meant to be ongoing. Please let your regional know if there is anything they or Kingdom can do to help/support you!
What areas of the Youth Office needs improving?
If you have ideas, write them here and they will be passed on to the Kingdom Youth Officer!
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