Zendesk Status Page API
Early access to the new Status Page API.
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What's this all about?
We are getting ready to release an HTTP API for our public status page at status.zendesk.com. This API will allow you to programmatically query the current status of various Zendesk products and services by providing your account's domain e.g. youraccount.zendesk.com.
Need more detail on how it works?
Once you are admitted to the beta you will receive a link to some early API documentation. We look forward to receiving your feedback on the API itself as well as the documentation.
Is this available to everyone?
Yes, any Zendesk Support customer can access the Status Page API.
This being a beta, are there limitations with the product?
The API design and behavior is subject to change without advance notice. Stability of the service may be lower than expected as we continue to test the new service throughout the beta program.
What is expected of me?
There are a few things we ask:

1. Provide feedback on the feature, ease of use, and documentation
2. Report any bugs
3. Be open to working very closely with us, initially and ongoing through this stage

Ready to take part?
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