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Hello there! Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. I'm honored and so excited. I seriously love working with writers and want nothing more than to find that hungry author who's fiercely determined, super creative and full of can-do attitude! Is that you? I think it is!!

Now, this won't be your "everything's fine" editing quick scan. I don't skimp or cut corners and I'm definitely not for everyone. My big strengths are with developmental editing in the genres of MG, YA and romance. I read these books the most and know the tropes the best. I've worked on more of these books than any others. So these are the only books I will be accepting. I'm also a very straight-forward editor. I point out what isn't working, but I also point out what is. Finally, because I'm looking at those huge core issues of your story (and revising those issues tends to change a LOT in a book) I'm not the best editor for someone married to their words. I want you to feel great about the edit you'll receive from me so please don't apply if you're looking for a copy edit or a proofread. This is not to say your book will need tons of changes; I won't know that til I read it. :) But you should definitely come into this with an open heart and open mind.

So, if this all sounds good and sounds like you, please fill out the questions below to the best of your ability. This will give me a good idea of what your story is about and if we'd be a great match.

I can't wait to read and meet you! Once I receive your form, I'll be in touch soon.
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