Megillah in deinem Kiez
Traditionally, there are four mitzvot (commandments) associated with the holiday of Purim: Hearing the Megillah (twice), Giving charity, giving gifts (Mishloach Manot), and having a festive meal.

Since we can't gather this year, and host you all in our homes, we've decided to bring the holiday to YOU, in YOUR neighborhood, on YOUR streets! We've even rented a special Purim (normally Ice-Cream!) truck for the occasion!

Please join Chabad K-space and Hillel Deutschland/Base Berlin for small and outdoor Kiez-based readings of the Megillah. We will also afford you the opportunity to give and receive Mishloach Manot, give tzedakah to the poor (Matanot L'evyonim), and to have a small Seudah (challot)---all four of the traditional mitzvot of Purim!

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