Lincoln Middle School: Spotlight HOT Schools Exploration Day Registration
Date: Friday February 2, 2018

Location: Lincoln Middle School, 164 Centennial Avenue, Meriden, CT

Time: 10:00AM-2:00PM

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Friday January 26, 2018

Visitors will be welcomed to observe teachers in science, writing, art, music and social studies classrooms. Join us for a multi-cultural luncheon provided by our 6th Grade families!

Visitors will see science, social studies and language arts in action on both eighth grade teams. Our music department will showcase multicultural drumming.

Seventh grade will feature science sleuths, technology integration with math enrichment classes and weaving poetry in a sixth grade language arts lesson. Our Media Center will showcase a reading incentive program, READ, SNAP, TOSS, WIN!

This Exploration Day has been cancelled. Please check out for other HOT Schools Exploration Days
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