JamBallah Performance Application '19 (WAITLIST)
From the team at JamBallah NW, welcome! We would love to have you!
We are currently accepting applications to be placed on the waitlist. Please do apply, there are often cancellations and we are working to see if we can add any additional show times to accommodate the high level of interest this year. Waitlist performers will be contacted in order of application by timestamp, if any spots open up. Thanks so much!



*PERFORMANCE LENGTHS- All Performances: 5 minutes maximum, no exceptions

*Music is due NO LATER THAN July 1, 2019, in a single track with your group's name as the start of the song name.

*Support the fest! All non-instructor participants must be registered for TWO CLASSES to be eligible to perform. (Including those performing in duets, trios or quads. If you are performing in a large group of five or more, every person performing must be registered for at least ONE class, or make a donation to the scholarship fund of $40 or more.) Classes awarded via the Odd Fellows Community Scholarship DO COUNT towards this requirement, so get your scholarship application in! You have until July 1 to meet the class signup requirement, so feel free to apply first and sign up at your leisure.

*Performers are allowed a MAXIMUM of one dance spot as part of a solo, duet, or trio. No limit for performing in large groups of 4+ members onstage

*Performers will be required to meet the minimum class purchase for each spot separately, if accepted for multiple spots.

*Live music? Awesome! Setup/teardown must fall within your 5m allotment. Live musicians must supply their own amps and microphones.

*Specific show assignments are at the discretion of the producer, to create the most exciting flow/lineup for each show as well as to accommodate everyone's class schedules. No matter what show you end up in, I guarantee you'll be dancing next to some of the best performers from PDX and beyond.

More info here: http://www.jamballahnw.com/perform

Thanks so much again! Please don't be intimidated in applying, we'd love to give everyone a chance to shine and love including student performances too. Also, if you do not have all of the requested information set in stone at time of application, there is the possibility of adding to or changing later. Just note in comments.

Legal Name of Contact Person *
If under 18, please include name of legal guardian as well.
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Preferred Name of Contact Person, if different
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Performance Name of Soloist or Group *
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Contact's Phone Number *
Mobile # Preferred. In case your email address has an error in it.
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Contact's Email Address *
Please double-check for errors! Email address is incredibly important, it is our primary way of reaching you to accept your application and provide info and updates.
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How many people will be performing? *
This number may change, but must be confirmed by July 1
Please list the names of your company members, if performing as a group
Please list all the people who may be performing with you (It's ok for this to be tentative, it doesn't have to be in stone yet).
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What style or influence best describes the style you intend to perform at Jamballah NW? *
(I.e. Raqs Sharqi, Theatrical Fusion, Serious Sword Piece, American Cabaret Veil Taxim, Upbeat ATS/ITS, Gothic, Bollywood Inspired, Assaya, Vaudville, etc.) This information will help us determine how to best “build the show."
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Please let us know which shows you are available to perform in.
Please note: if your availability is overly limited, we may not be able to offer you a performance spot. All performances will take place in the beautiful Agnes Flanagan Chapel at Lewis and Clark College.
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice
NOT Available
Fri 2:30-4p
Fri 7:30-10p
Sat 1-2p
Sat 8-10:30p
Sun 3:30-5p
Agnes Flanagan Chapel Stage
Links to performance clips (optional)
Please include one or two performance video links here if you have them, so we can get an idea of your technique and personal style. Lack of video will not disqualify your application, it just helps us 'build' the shows. Videos do not have to be pro quality, a living-room practice video is just fine.
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Please share any other notes here.
Your website or other links you'd like me to see, alter-abled accommodation needs (we're happy to assist!), scheduling considerations, your best bad pun, anything else you'd like me to know! ~e
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Disclaimer *
Applying to perform does not guarantee a performance spot. JamBallah NW will try very hard to place everyone who applies but spots are limited. Performance spots and times will be assigned at the discretion of the producer, and may not be moved or given away once assigned. Performers must strictly adhere to the JamBallah NW Performer Policies and due dates (included in the performer acceptance email,) or they may be deemed ineligible to perform.
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