Let's Get Busy Tonight Auditions
Let's Get Busy Tonight is DCH's specialty improv show featuring an all LGBTQ+ cast. Auditions will be held at the DCH theater on Sunday, November 18th, at 1pm. Nothing needs to be prepared. Those who are added to the cast will be expected to attend monthly rehearsals in addition to shows. The cast will be set on a two-term (four month) basis, after which additions/changes to the cast will be made based on another audition. If you love yourself some improv and identify as LGBTQ+, we'd love to consider you for the show! Please fill out the small bit of info requested below so we know how many to expect.

Note: Completion of Improv Level 3 at Dallas Comedy House is required. If you have just completed Level 3 or will be completing it by the end of the year, enrollment in Level 4 is also required.

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