2023 DOL Team Black - Runner Application
120 mile relay race (20 stages).  Shortest distance is 4 miles, longest is 10.7 and the average stage is six miles.   All Team Black runner applicants will complete four time trials to assure accountability.  2023 B2V race will take place on April 1 & 2, 2023.

Click on the link below to learn about our time trials.  https://www.federalathletics.org/time-trials

Also, we use the mobile application, "Strava." to stay accountable and to motivate each other while we train for the B2V. If you join Strava, search for the club, "DOL Team Black" and request access.


****NOTE:    The information below as well as the time trial results will help us determine stage placement for the race.  You may also be placed as a back up runner that rides in the follow vehicle.  The back up runner must be ready to go and finish a stage in case a runner is unable to complete the assigned stage.

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There are 7 very difficult stages of the B2V.  Are you competitive enough to train / run one of these stages?  If so, why?    **See elvation chart link above** *
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