Stonewick Community Award
Nominate members who you feel best demonstrate friendliness and community, who have contributed to Stonewick. Community Award Members are awarded the following:

> Community Recognition & Feature at Spawn
> Community Award Trophy
> 32 Iron Blocks
> 1 Enchantment Book of their Choosing
> Country Club Membership ($25,000 value)
> 1 Enderchest
> 1 Shulker of Useful Items (Wood, Food, Gold Apples, & Coal)

Ways to Demonstrate Community Spirit
* Hosts server events
* Has contributed to spawn projects
* Helpful to newbies
* Helps educate others about server rules
* Shows initiative and genuine interest in the server
* Doesn't ask for promotions or special treatment
* Follows rules and contributes to server activity
* Has a positive outlook
* Has made a name for themselves on the server


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Past Winners (No Longer Qualify)
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