Haunted ZOO Volunteer Form
NOTE: You must be 13 or older to volunteer and all volunteers must attend one of two available Volunteer orientations.

10/6 @ 12 noon
10/7 @ 12 noon
10/10 @ after school 5-6 pm
10/17 @ after school 5-6pm

LAST MINUTE ORIENTATION OCT.18th-21st at 5-6pm just show up with time to give you a quick summary of the orientation!

SFX Make-up Orientation: Any one interested in the special option must come to this orientation. If you are interested and can't make it email me and let me know and we can set a time.

10/6 @10AM
10/7 @ 2pm

Haunted Zoo dates

6pm at The Texas Zoo. (Volunteers under 18yrs will need guardian present during first part of orientation)

We need 50+ volunteers to help scare the pants off of the people visiting the Haunted Zoo! Tell your friends!
In order to give each patron the same amazing experience - please only sign up for dates that you know you can volunteer.

The Haunted Zoo will be divided into horror sections Please choose a section that you will dress up for. After you choose a section make sure to wear a costume that goes with that theme, we will also be taking in volunteers dressed up as anything they like for blank sections that don't have a theme.

Special options, below is a special option for people that are committing to all 3 days of the event... these people will be handed latex face props to look extra creepy and gruesome and does require you to arrive 3-4 hours early to make sure that your face props and make up are put on correctly and on time.

If you choose a section that is fully filled in, please don't be disappointed and you will be placed in a different haunted section... after all its all about scaring the wits out of people!

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