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If you are interested in pursuing an MD-PhD or career in academic medicine and medical research, Berkeley APSA is the community for you! APSA is a national organization dedicated to providing training and development resources for current and aspiring physician-scientists and advancing the field of patient-oriented research. APSA has regional and national meetings, structured mentorships, and many other resources for current and aspiring physician-scientists.

APSA at Berkeley will be based on a series of General Meetings, workshops for the application processes, journal clubs, etc. We will be hosting speakers and networking events with current physician-scientists and other events for you to learn and prepare for the MD-PhD route. We are looking for students who are truly passionate about blending a career of research and medicine. Applicants will be chosen based on their sincere interest in and commitment to the path of a physician-scientist. Visit our website to learn more about our club.

Please fill out this form as soon as possible so we can add you to our mailing list! Join our slack channel as well!

Slack channel: here. [if link expired, please let us know!]
Google Calendar here.
Website here.

Please do not hesitate to email us at berkeleyapsa@gmail.com if you have any questions!
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