The Loaded Ligue Championship
Thank you for your interest in the Loaded Ligue Championship. Users who have successfully registered via this form and meet all the criteria below will be automatically entered into the Loaded Ligue Championship.

To enter:
- Hold a 'Ligue of Lions' NFT by the snapshot date which will be taken at the end of the entry period of each Loaded Ligue Championship round.
- Submit this form within the entry period ofeach Loaded Ligue Championship round. 

Round Details:
1: Entry Period = 27 May, 00:00 UTC  - 29 May, 06:00 UTC, Booster = Passing
2: Entry Period = 31 May, 00:00 UTC - 3 June, 06:00 UTC, Booster = Speed
3: Entry Period = 4 June, 00:00 UTC - 6 June, 06:00 UTCBooster  = Shooting
4: Entry Period = 7 June, 00:00 UTC - 10 June, 06:00 UTCBooster  = Flair
5: Entry Period = 11 June, 00:00 UTC - 13 June, 06:00 UTCBooster = Speed
Quarter-Finals = 14 June, 00:00 UTC - 17 June, 06:00 UTC, Booster = Passing
Semi-Finals = 18 June, 00:00 UTC - 20 June, 06:00 UTCBooster = Flair
3rd Place Playoff = 25 June, 06:00 UTC - 27 June, 06:00 UTCBooster = Shooting
Finals = 28 June, 06:00 UTC - 1 July, 06:00 UTCBooster = Shooting

For the full details of the Loaded Ligue Championship, visit the blog  

By clicking the 'Submit' button, you acknowledge having read the Global Marketing Privacy Notice, which is published at , and understand that we will use the information provided for the purposes of assessing your eligibility to participate in the campaign, identity verification, winner determination and prize delivery. When you decide how much information to share with us, please keep in mind that we will delete open-ended responses that are impractical or erroneous.
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Please provide the email address used to register for your NFT account.
Please provide your Loaded Ligue Team Name. If you have previously submitted before, do use the same name. Your team name should remain the same throughout the Championship.
Please list below the numbers of the 5 'Ligue of Lions' NFTs you intend to draft for this round. Please input one number per selection.

Your selections will be subject to NFT ownership verification.
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