Face Shields
***If you live in the Chicagoland area and you are interested in purchasing a face shield please visit dimospizza.com and press the "Order now" button if you're interested in purchasing a face shield for pick-up at either of our locations or for delivery if you're within our delivery zone.***

Dimo's Pizza put its innovation and grit to work to design and manufacture face shields to help serve our front line workers in the medical community and others. Our face shields are reusable and made of a much more durable and thicker acrylic than the normal disposable units. This does mean they require cleaning, but also saves significant limited resources for other needs.

UPDATE: We were able to donate over 1k masks to organizations all over the country thanks to your generosity!!

UPDATE 2: We will be closing this form and replacing it shortly with a link to a shopify store so people all over the country can purchase our shields. As long as the price of acrylic does not rise, we will continue to offer these shields at the very affordable price of $5 per shield. No one should price gouge safety.

Thanks and stay safe!
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