2017 Couch Listener Survey
Thanks for taking the time to fill out our Podcast Survey! We're really curious about WHO, HOW and WHY folks are listening to the Comfortable Place on the Couch podcast. We're just a couple Canadians and we're quite thankful that many of you find our little podcast enjoyable. Thanks again!
Will you tell us your name?
You don't have to.
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What country do you live in?
Where do you get/listen to the Podcast?
We're really interested in this answer, because we only get the number of downloads/listens from people who use iTunes or GooglePlay. If we have a significant number of listeners directly from our webpage, that is important for us to know.
How did you find out about the Podcast?
If a friend turned you on to the podcast, who was it and how?
Your answer
When did you start listening to the Podcast?
How many Comfortable Place on the Couch podcast episodes have you listened to?
One or Two
Almost ALL
Every One
All... and some MULTIPLE times
Row 1
Do you listen to the Podcast at regular speed?
If you listen to other podcasts, which ones?
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Are you playing "The Game" with Darren & Robin?
Row 1
If you ARE playing "The Game" what Album do you have?
Have you ever been mentioned in the Podcast?
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Do you read the show notes? (At darrenfoulds.com/podcasts)
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