The purpose of this project is to offer creative tools to promote human interaction through virtual media. You are invited to participate because you are part of a network of people involved in this project. If you choose to not participate, please simply close this website window on your device. You you decide to participate, these online tasks, each take between five (5) to ten (10) minutes. Participation is voluntary and the data collected by the team at 'Extensión de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina', will not be disclosed without previous authorisation of the participants (e-mail) except on this platform in the 'RESULTS' section located under each TASK. You may use a different name to participate and you may complete any number of tasks in any order you choose. You may abandon any of the tasks at any due moment or if you do not want to answer a specific question in a task, please answer with "N/A". We would like, if you wish, that you contact us at proyecto.enredar@gmail.com with regards to any queries or concerns. Lastly, we encourage the use of a respectful and adequate language in order to be considerate towards the broad diversity of people.
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