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Please help the library serve you better by answering this survey either online ( or on paper by December 10.
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How important is each of the following library services to you or someone in your household?
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Borrowing physical books
Borrowing physical media (DVDs, BluRay, CDs, etc
Newspapers and Magazines
Borrowing electronic books
Borrowing electronic audiobooks
Streaming digital material (Hoopla, Kanopy)
Using online resources such as Consumer Reports, Daily Newspapers, Rosetta Stone, Udemy
In Person Programs
Virtual Programs
Computers and Printers
Help with computers, printers, other devices
Study tables/reading areas
Museum Passes
Community Meeting Room
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How often do you or someone in your family use library services (borrow materials, access the digital collection, use computers, make copies, study in the building, etc) *
How often do you or someone in your family participate in library programs - including virtual programs. *
Did you use library services more during the pandemic lockdown?
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What programs would you like the library to offer?
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Baby/Toddler Programs
Program for Elementary school kids
Programs for Middle school kids
Programs for high schoolers
Programs for people in college
Programs for Adults
Programs for seniors
Programs for families
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Do you have any interests that you'd like to see reflected in Library programs and collections?
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