The 5-Minute Doc Challenge (2019)
The Nickel Independent Film Festival 2019 is coming to the LSPU from June 17-22 and we're inviting you to take part!

The 5-Minute Doc Challenge is a creative challenge to anyone to write, shoot and edit a short documentary in 10 days — between June 7th and June 16th. It’s free to participate, open to all ages, and registration is open until the challenge ends at 8pm on June 16. A public screening will take place on Tuesday June 18th on the mainstage of the LSPU Hall as part of the Nickel Independent Film Festival 2019 (June 17-22.)

Submitted short films must be 5 minutes long, and can be any type of documentary style. For example: first-person, fly-on-the-wall, nature documentary, adventure, mockumentary, reality TV, etc. Interview someone you admire, explain a complicated subject, make a news report, or just strap a GoPro to your helmet and taste-test a few flavours of ice cream.

Optional subject prompts can be given at the beginning of the challenge.

Tuesday, June 18 at LSPU Hall Main Stage at 7:30pm. PWYC


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5-Minute Doc Challenge Rules
• Writing, shooting and editing must take place between June 7 at 8pm and June 16 at 8pm.

• Films must be five minutes in length, not including titles and credits.

• Completed films are to be uploaded to the challenge Dropbox by 8pm on June 16th.

• We are not obligated to screen every film submitted. We reserve the right to not show a film we find inappropriate for our audience, for any reason.

• Filmmakers are responsible for ensuring they have permission to use any locations, subjects, music, sound effects or stock footage featured in their work.

• Your completed film is your intellectual property and you retain the rights, but by submitting you give the organizers royalty-free permission to show and sample your film for Challenge-related events and promotion.

• Participants under 18 must ensure they have express permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

• Have fun!

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