Justice for UVM workers during COVID-19
Petition supporting UVM staff, with support by UVM United Academics faculty and United Electrical Service and Maintenance Staff. This is a Public Petition.
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Text of the Petition
In moments of crisis, it is imperative that we do all we can to show support and compassion for ourselves and others in our community. With so many compounding stressors many of our staff are currently dealing with, we must do everything we can to minimize stress and anxiety for our people.

We the undersigned believe that the UVM administration can do more to ensure that UVM staff are fully cared for in this incredibly difficult moment. Many staff were expected to report to work without regard for personal health or without a clear option to work remotely. It is not good enough to allow uncertainty around the future of people’s jobs and health, nor is it good enough to ask that staff use their own earned sick and vacation time should they or their family need to take time due to COVID-19.

We are all in this together and must provide ourselves with the tools we need to make the best possible decisions for ourselves, our families and our community.

Therefore, we call on the administration to demonstrate its values and care for staff by ensuring:

1. Each staff member shall have the right and authority to assess their own personal situation and decide whether they shall work remotely or from their campus office/lab and be provided the necessary tools to telecommute. Each staff member shall also have the right and authority to assess their own personal situation and decide whether to restrict non-essential work-related travel.

2. All staff are held harmless economically. Employees who are instructed to self-quarantine, those with the virus or who are caring for sick, quarantined or high need dependents will still be paid and will not have to take sick time, including those who are unable to work remotely.

3. Moving forward beyond the COVID-19 crisis UVM must create a mechanism for staff to donate accrued, unused, sick days to a “sick bank” for other colleagues to draw upon should they need more sick days than they have available. No one should worry about losing their job due to illness.

In Unity,
UVM United Academics faculty Union, United Electrical Service and Maintenance Staff Union, Concerned UVM staff, and Community Members
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