Chssa Curriculum Questionnaire 2017
The Curriculum Committee is here to support coaches and programs. Please answer the following questions to help us assess your needs.
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How do you teach your Speech and Debate Team? (click all that apply) *
What curricular/coaching resource do you wish you had when you first started that you either had to create or do without?
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Of the following ideas, which would you find the most helpful for the Curriculum Committee to provide? Please rank, with 1 being most helpful and 6 being least helpful. *
Coach voiceover commentary on videos of speech events
8 Week Unit plan for Expos
8 Week Unit plan for OPP
8 Week Unit plan for Parli
Resource Guide to All Competitive Events
What curriculum/lessons/resources do you have that you would be willing to share? Feel free to add a link to a favorite resource.
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What other comments/ideas would you like the Curriculum Committee to address?
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