Online Petition: Save the Lapita Navigators, a culture facing extinction
Dear President Barack Obama, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and Mr. Bill and
Mrs. Melinda Gates,

Please save the Lapita Navigators- 4,000 native-island people located in the
Federated States of Micronesia in the Pacific who are suffering and risk death and
cultural extinction due to rising sea levels. Please assign a team to visit the Atolls
(islands) where they live and create a proactive evacuation plan and execute relocation
efforts to save their lives and preserve their culture.

The Lapita Navigators live as a self-sustaining community closely aligned to the Earth
and nature. They do not have running water, electricity or the ability to communicate
immediately with us. By saving their lives and preserving this natural and sustainable
culture these people may help the rest of the world by providing an example of a
peaceful and sustainable community.

According to current National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sea level
trend reports, the sea level has risen at least five inches in the past 5 years.
Currently salt water is infiltrating their land rendering it difficult to grow food and
spoiling their drinking water. Micronesia does not have funds, equipment or resources
to orchestrate a relocation effort. Yap--a larger and developed island of Micronesia--has
offered to provide land to the Navigators where they can continue their natural way of life.

Please act quickly and create a relocation plan to save these people and preserve
their culture. It would be a travesty for them to die and it is unnecessary for them to
continue to struggle with agriculture and water safety issues.


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