OUSD Library Training 4: Navigating Destiny Library Manager & Catalog Searches
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Amy Cheney, OUSD District Library Manager, amy.cheney@ousd.org
Follett Technical Support: 800-323-3397, option 3 then option 2
About This Training
Getting Around Destiny Video (4 minutes)
Log in to your school at destiny.ousd.org
Home Tab
Catalog Tab
Click on the Catalog Tab
Explore the Catalog Subtabs on your own.
Which of the following are ways can you search the catalog? *
7 points
Basic: Lets you search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject or Series.
Power Search: If you have tried a Basic search and received too many results, or results that were not what you are looking for, the Power search can help.
Visual Search: Graphical interface for younger patrons. Customizable.
Copy Category Search: Categories allow you to group your copies for many different purposes. These include supporting curricula, tracking vendors and funding sources, producing bibliographies and reading lists, and promoting special collections or new materials.
Number Search: Search by Call Number LCCN, ISBN, ISSN, or Control Number
Barcode Search: Search by Barcode
Brief Records Search: Find titles that have incomplete MARC records
Click on the Circulation Tab
How would you find a patron? *
How would you look up who a book is checked out to?
When would you use checkout by homeroom? *
How would you renew a book? *
When would you use Offline Circulation? *
REVIEW of all trainings: Our District policies, encouraged at all school sites are: *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Student responsibility in returning books on time and paying late fees if not returned on time
Student responsibility in returning books on time and not being allowed to check out more books if books aren't returned on time
Positive interactions around books and reading in the library
Trusting students, giving them the benefit of the doubt and and waiving fines and fees
Creating alternative ways for children to take care of lost or damaged materials
Loss of library privileges if basic rules aren't followed such as books returned on time
Positive and forgiving interactions around lost and damaged books
Encouraging students to read books at their reading level
Encouraging students to check out books above their reading level but at their interest level
Clear rules and policies
Professional staff such as a Library Technician, with support from volunteers
Interactive and fun experiences in the library
No more than 5 class visits in a day for full time staff members
If a parent complains about a book on the shelf, the first thing you should do is notify the District Librarian before any action is taken on your part.
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