2017 Holiday Card Ficlets Voting
Since slipping ficlets into cards went over so well last year (which reminds me, I'm still out of stamps, someone remind me to go restock next time I have money XP), I figured I'd do it again. :D
Some ships were really popular last year, while others weren't so much, so EdRoy & Tomarry are grandfathered in this year (I'm writing them, no need to waste votes on them ;), but I'm gonna make people vote on the rest of the lot again, including some that people wrote in last year, to give those a proper chance.

Please ONLY RESPOND ONCE. You can pick/add up to two options (though you'll only get one with your card, fair warning), but I'm not forcing people to sign in to make their responses. If it looks like people are multi-responding, I will start this poll over and require people to log in to google to respond. Please don't ruin this for everyone else.

These ficlets will NOT be related to any of my current fics, so people don't have to have read a fic to enjoy what they got with their card. I'm thinking five people voting for a ship (or a fandom, for gen) will make it a definite. Though I'll reconsider that, if I get a really low turn-out.

This poll will be open until sometime in August, probably (depends when I remember to close it, really), and I'll post the options that got enough votes on LJ and tumblr once it's been closed, as well as in the eventual poll for card addresses (some time early/mid-November, for that).

Which ships should I write holiday ficlets for?
Only pick TWO at most. Remember, you can only get one with your card. If you pick more than two options, your vote will be deleted. (Yes, this counts whatever you add in the other/gen choice.) Note: Ed Elric/Roy Mustang (FMA) & Tom Riddle/Harry Potter (HP) are both ABSOLUTELY being written, so they're not in the running this year.
Type ship/gen (you can pick a specific group, or not) and the fandom. There's a list on tumblr of my fandoms, if you need it. (http://batshieroglyphics.tumblr.com/post/42975107757) If you add more than two ideas, your vote will be deleted. (Yes, this counts your choices above.) As a reminder, Ed Elric/Roy Mustang (FMA) & Tom Riddle/Harry Potter (HP) don't need votes this year, they'll be written. ;)
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