Take these 5 steps and find the perfect wedding caterer!
This is the truth that visitors do not want you to know: food is a powerful incentive. Dare to delete lunch breaks from the agenda and you will see that the popularity of your event makes a free fall. However, managing catering-related logistics can be a difficult task, especially if you have little experience. Therefore you need a professional caterer who can manage all your catering requirements on your behalf. checkout Master Catering Pros to find out the best caterer in your city.

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Tips to find best caterer
The catering is one of the most important parts of your wedding. The food is often the part that the guests remember most of the day and therefore also a part that you have to look at with great care. Make sure you arrange the catering on time and also realize that it can take a large part of your total wedding budget. In addition, it is important to know whether the wedding location offers catering or whether you have to look for a separate supplier for it. There is a lot to keep in mind and to make sure that you make a good choice we help you through this step-by-step plan!
Step 1. Determine the number of guests
This is important for all aspects of the organization of a wedding. The caterer adjusts to the number of guests. Some caterers use a minimum and maximum number of guests in order to guarantee delivery. The quality of the dishes must always be guaranteed, regardless of the number of people. Many caterers unfortunately change in large groups in a production line without care for their products.
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Step 2. Collect reviews
Your opinion is the most important thing, but listen carefully to the experiences of others who have already used the caterer. Other couples and experts give a lot of information, opinions and advice that you can use to compare caterers. Ultimately, not only is the food important: all services count. For example, the way of working of a caterer. The people who have already worked with the caterer can advise you on this.
Step 3. Ask which services are included
A wedding caterer is not limited to offering dishes. Ask therefore what is included in the price and what you have to hire separately. Think of the waiters, the cake, different buffets and the decoration. Many wedding caterers are distinguished from the rest by the options and specializations they offer to enrich the dining experience and the flavors. Food from different countries, innovative food and even dinners consisting of only snacks are very normal. It is important to be original and to distinguish yourself.
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Step 4. Do a tasting: quality and quantity
When you have selected a number of possible caterers, based on reviews and the information received, one of the most important and fun moments is choosing a wedding caterer: tasting. The tasting is the way to get to know the working method and the different menus of the caterer. "The culinary interpretation of your wedding day has a direct influence on the total experience," says A Matter of Taste , and by doing a tasting you will notice whether it feels good or not. There must be a good relationship between the quantity and the quality of the dish. During the tasting, with the advice and the experiences of the professional caterers, determine the portions and avoid surprises on your big day.

Do not forget the quality of the dishes. The products of Renato's Catering come directly from Italy so that they can guarantee high quality. This is determined on the basis of the shape and the content. In short, that we work with unique flavors. Seasonal products, typical products of the location where the wedding takes place, are a good option, but also look for special and unexpected (taste) experiences. Make sure that the products are fresh and that the dishes caress the taste buds.
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Step 5. Keep an eye on the details
The caterer needs more and more adaptability. Today, more and more ailments are related to food, such as allergies and illnesses. That is why it is necessary to find a caterer who can also take this into account. When the guest list is complete you can ask the food preferences of each guest to add alternatives. But beware, do not make it too complicated. You do not have to take each guest into account. For example, try to put together an accessible menu in consultation with the caterer. As an idea, Stephen van Perfect Catering proposes, for example, an amuse dinner. Think of about 10 different amuses which are served at the table (or as a walking dinner). This way you can easily take into account different dietary requirements.

Another detail to be aware of is the caterer's ability to deal with changes and last minute problems. In that respect, it can not hurt to have different alternatives at all times. Depending on the caterer you can also opt for an 'a-la-carte' menu.

Finally, you also want to inform yourself about the insurance if you have to cancel the catering. We obviously do not assume, but in the extreme case you have to postpone or cancel the marriage, then you know what to expect.
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