【T ▪ PARK [源 ▪ 區] 盛夏環保體驗系列 Green Summer Experience Series】 [升級再造潮流] 環保分享會 及 [源 ▪ 音]木琴工作坊 / Green Talk: "Upcycling Trend" & Thumbiano Workshop
環保 x 時尚 - 如何以升级再造締造潮流? 由本地升级產品設計師張瑋晉 (Kevin Cheung) 跟大家分享「環保 ▪ 設計」 的潮流趨勢,同場還有很多升級再造產品介紹給大家。

分享會後,誠邀大家一起動手做, 將破舊單車轆鐵枝裝嵌在紅酒箱切割成的木塊上,做出獨一無二的「拇指琴」,彈奏環保弦外之音。


日期/時間:2017年8月19日 (星期六)
(1) 下午1:00 – 2:00 (升級再造潮流分享會)
(2) 下午2:00 – 3:30(第一場工作坊) [額滿]
(3) 下午4:00 – 5:30 (第二場工作坊) [額滿]

地點: T ▪ PARK [源 ▪ 區] - 屯門曾咀稔灣路 25 號
名額: 環保分享會(60人)/工作坊(每場20人)
語言: 廣東話
費用: 全免
交通: 如欲選乘來往屯門西鐵站至T ▪ PARK [源 ▪ 區] 的免費穿梭巴士或需要預約泊車位,請到T ▪ PARK [源 ▪ 區]網頁(https://booking.tpark.hk/?lang=tc) 登記。請注意: 於網頁選擇了「個人預約」的人數及日期後,可略過「選擇活動」,直接進入「交通安排」版面進行交通預約,成功申請者將以手機短訊及電郵收到「預約編號」。

1) 升級再造潮流分享會 -- 適合任何年齡人士參加。  
2) 拇指琴工作坊 -- 參加者須年滿9歲,而15歲或以下參加者須家長陪同。
3) 活動當日將進行攝影及攝錄,有關活動照片及錄影片段可能被公開作香港特別行政區政府、環保署、T ▪ PARK [源 ▪ 區]之公眾環保教育活動推廣和宣傳等用途。

電話:2910 9700
* 成功預約之參加者將於三個工作天內收到「確認電郵」。
* 暫時未有公共交通工具可抵達 T ▪ PARK [源 ▪ 區]。請到網站預約穿梭巴士服務或私家車泊車位,閣下亦可選擇自行乘搭的士前往,未有登記的車輛不可進入或停泊於 T ▪ PARK [源 ▪ 區]。
* 如登記後因事未能出席,請盡快電郵至 info@tpark.hk 或致電 2910 9700 取消預約。
* 活動當日將設即場後補登記,由於名額有限,額滿即止。
* 已預約參加者最遲必須在分享會/工作坊開始後15分鐘內到達,否則其預約會被取消,名額將會分配予其他即場後補登記人士。


Why upcycling is more than just a trend? A local upcycling product designer - Kevin Cheung will share with us a new perspective of how waste materials can be reused and designed for products.

After the green talk, you can also experience "waste-to-resources" by making a "thumbiano" using spokes collected from old bicycle wheels and discarded wine crates. Come and sign up now!

Green Talk / Workshop details:

Date/ Time: 19 August 2017 (Sat)
(1) 1:00pm – 2:00pm (Green Talk: Upcycling Trend)
(2) 2:00pm – 3:30pm (1st Workshop) [FULL]
(3) 4:00pm – 5:30pm (2nd workshop) [FULL]

Venue: T ▪ PARK - No. 25 Nim Wan Road, Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun
Quota / session: Green Talk (60pax); Workshop (20 pax each)
Language: Mainly Cantonese
Admission Fee: Free of charge
Transportation: For free shuttle bus service to and from Tuen Mun West Rail Station or car parking service, please register via T ▪ PARK website (https://booking.tpark.hk/?lang=en). Tips for booking: After you have selected no. of visitors and date under "Individual Booking", please skip the "Select Activities" page and directly go to "Transportation" page for booking. Successful applicant will receive a "Registration Code" by SMS and email.

1) Visitors of all ages are welcome to join the Green Talk.
2) Participants attending the workshops shall be aged 9 or above. Participants aged 15 or below shall attend the workshops under parental guidance.
3) There will be filming and photo shooting for the activities. The footage and photos might be used for environmental education and publicity of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Environmental Protection Department and T ▪ PARK.

Website: www.tpark.hk
Hotline: 2910 9700
Email: info@tpark.hk
* Successful applicants will receive a "confirmation email" within 3 working days.
* No public transportation is available to T ▪ PARK. Please go to the official website for reservation of shuttle bus or private car parking services. You may also consider self-arranged transportation e.g. taxi. Vehicles without registration cannot enter or park inside the facility.
* If you are unable to attend the green talk / workshop after registration, please email to info@tpark.hk or call our hotline 2910 9700 for cancellation.
* Waiting list is available for walk-in visitors on the event day while seat last.
* For registrants who fail to turn up within 15 minutes from the starting time of the green talk/workshops, their reservations shall be cancelled and the quotas shall be released to other walk-in participants in the queue.

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