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At Rsquare Media, we work with The Best Talent (skilled specialists) to Deliver the Best Outcomes, Swiftly. Deleting Misinformation like Bad Press, Bad Reviews or your private information from Google is extremely time-consuming and labor intensive, making this a significant investment for most clients. Deleting Bad Press costs $3000 and up, per link, per keyword, while Deleting Bad Reviews costs $2000 per review. Is this within your budget? Success Guaranteed or your money back. *
All BAZOOKA Quotes (Deleting Bad Press/Bad Reviews) are backed by a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE, such that, a client may request a REFUND if we are unable to deliver the desired outcome in the Forecasted Timeframe. Refunds are processed the same day they are requested. This makes it RISK FREE for the client.
rsquare media - 2017 Minority Business of the Year Winner | Certified MWBE with the City of New York
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Would you like to Delete Bad Press or Private Information from Google or Delete Bad Reviews from Facebook, Google, Amazon? [BAZOOKA] *
Would you like to Prevent Bad Press in the Future from Tarnishing your good name and your legacy? [FORCEFIELD] *
Would you prefer to move the Bad Press out of sight, so it lands on Google page 4 and beyond? [RELOCATION] *
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Is Speed important enough for you to want to pay a 30% premium for a faster Bazooka delivery?
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Is the bad press factual? Did what was alleged happen? *
If no, do you have legal documents that support your claim? *
Is the legal proceeding over? *
Was the verdict of the legal proceeding in your favor? *
Do you have scans of the legal documents to show that the legal proceedings or case was closed, regardless of the outcome? We may need copies of the legal documents in some cases *
What search phrase or words do you enter in Google to bring up the links you want deleted? For example, the words could be your name, your company name, etc. *
List links that you want removed along from Google. Include (if possible) *
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