IFEZ Global Center Korean Culture Class - Making Organic Handcrafted Cosmetics

IFEZ Global Center would like to invite you to IFEZ Global Center Culture Class where you can learn the Korean cultural stories with various hands-on experiences.

This time you will have a chance to create natural, green and organic cosmetics with pure, vegan and earth-friendly local sourcing ingredients for yourself, your families or friends. Let's get together to design natural skincare things on your own, such as lotion, nutritional cream and aroma scent to nourish and soothe the skin.

After learning how to make them, we will try to do volunteer activities like visiting community centers and children's welfare centers to make and donate them there.

If you are interested in making organic handcrafted cosmetics and in sharing them with underprivileged people, register now!

3rd Sep - 24th Sep (Every Tuesday) 4-Week Course
1st Week : Making anti-aging nutritional cream
2nd Week : Making organic toner and lotion with oriental local ingredients
3rd Week : Making aroma perfume
4th Week : Making organic body wash
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