Gathering data on Oregon library staff changes
The Support Staff Division of the Oregon Library Association want to learn about the experiences of Oregon Support Staff during the pandemic. The purpose of this survey is to gather anonymous data and send a statement of support to county leadership. *All answers are ANONYMOUS.
1. What patron are you most concerned about and why? How would you help this patron with COVID-19 cautions in mind?
2. Think of your patrons who depend on the library the most. What have these patrons told you they need the most from the library during this time?
3. What services has your library offered to the community during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
4. Looking ahead, what services is your library planning to provide during the COVID-19 pandemic?
5. As library staff, what type of work have you been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic that is outside of your job description? List some examples of what has changed from your prior tasks in your job?
6. As frontline staff who work directly with patrons, what kind of staffing model do you think the library needs/should have?
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