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Waiver, Release and Covenant Not to Sue
I am, by clicking on submit, accepting permission from the Friends of the Saline River (the FotSR) to participate in work projects on the water and on land contiguous to the Saline River watershed. In so doing, I am fully aware of the risks and hazards associated with working with blades, tools, power tools and watercraft as well as all hazards on and in the water and surrounding land areas, and I accept that I am doing so at my own risk. I further understand that neither the FotSR, an associated municipality, nor the owner of property near which we are working provide any surety guarantee or insurance coverage for any such activities that I may be involved with in this work. I agree not to hold the associated municipality, the property owner, or the FotSR or any of its members, officers or employees responsible for any injury or property damage I may suffer during or as a result of my participation in such work. I agree to hold them harmless from and promise not to take legal action against them severally or individually. It is my expressed intent that this Waiver, Release, and Covenant Not to Sue will bind my family, heirs, executors, personal administrators, and any other persons with an interest in my estate. I acknowledge that this Waiver, Release, and Covenant Not to Sue will apply to all work activities associated with the FotSR, and on its behalf, that I participate in on or after the date of signing indicated below. I further acknowledge that I am signing this voluntarily and without coercion.
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