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Thank you for your help! For your privacy and security, your PERSONAL information will be held in strictest confidence by Waterford Pointe HOA and WILL NOT BE SEEN by any company or individual named below. Your name and address are only required to confirm that is it you submitting this information and not someone posing as you for financial gain. You'll receive a confirmation from an HOA member, verifying your identity and response.You may submit multiple businesses. Simply hit submit and start a new form.
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INFORMATION BELOW...should be specific, truthful and kind...no hating or ranting. Just factual, useful information, please. ONLY submit information on individuals/companies who have actually performed work for you AND/OR are not employed/owned by you.
Home Improvement Companies/Individuals
Include: Name(s), type of work done, quality of quality of work, general cost, honesty/integrity and timeliness/completion. Focus less on communication and people skills, unless they severely compromised the actual work.
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