Blue-eyed Samurai Sail - Yokosuka to Ito
The Yokosuka Council on Asia Pacific Studies (YCAPS) is launching the first ever Miura-to-Ito sail on a three-masted schooner! Sail from across Sagami Bay aboard the beautiful MIRAIE May 23-24, 2020.

The “blue-eyed samurai” and inspiration for Clavell’s SHOGUN, William Adams was a British navigator and shipbuilder. When his ship the Liefde limped into the waters off of Kyushu in 1600, most of Adams was one of 23 still alive. Adams built the first Western ships and proved his worth to Shogun Ieyasu as a diplomat instrumental in opening trade relationships for Japan. In recognition of his value, Adams was given a new name to signify the fiefdom bestowed to him in Miura and his role as a navigator, not only of ships but also Japanese relationships with new trading partners. May 2020, marks the 400th anniversary of Miura Anjin's death, and events are planned in Tokyo, Yokosuka and Ito.

20 berths available for YCAPS members.
COST: JPY33,000 (approx. USD300), includes day and overnight sailing aboard MIRAIE, meals and activities before landing in Ito. Return travel not included, but suggestions for economical or rapid transit are provided at Monday 5/25 is a US holiday, so options for excursions or extending a night in Ito are also provided at

ACTIVITIES: Opportunity to climb the masts and hoist sails, learn about navigation using charts, sextants and modern tools. Stand the watch if you like! The stars are incredible.

Families welcome (min. age 10 years).
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