BUGSS 2019 High School iGEM Team Application
What is iGEM?
The International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition is an annual event open to undergraduate teams, high school students, and community labs like BUGSS from around the world. Explore the iGEM website: http://igem.org/About
iGEM is kind of a big deal, with teams working to make their own genetic machines from existing and novel parts. Some of these projects include a rainbow of pigmented bacteria, banana and wintergreen smelling bacteria, an arsenic biosensor, Bactoblood, and buoyant bacteria. Spend some time on the 2018.igem.org website to check out some previous projects.

Want to learn more about iGEM? Join us at BUGSS for an information session on Sat Feb 16th from 3-4 pm. RSVP at: https://igeminfo.eventbrite.com

The iGEM team meets on Saturdays from April through October and sometimes during weekday evenings. During iGEM you will be working as a team of students. You will rely on each other! We expect regular attendance on Saturdays. To be included on the official team roster and to qualify to attend the iGEM Jamboree, you will need to attend on a regular basis and let us know when you can’t make it. To participate in iGEM at BUGSS, all students must be student members of the BUGSS lab. The cost for membership is $450 per year or $45 per month which can be paid through PayPal.

We do not want membership fees to keep anyone from participating. We realize that the fees may pose a challenge to you, and we offer scholarships for those who are unable to pay the full membership amount. So please let us know on the form below if you require a scholarship and we will make every effort to enable you to participate. Finances are not a consideration in who we select for the team; instead, the decision of who is selected for the team is based on preparation, commitment, and the greatest potential benefit from being on the team.

This application form will be open until March 15, 2019 at 9 pm and you can change your responses until then.

Thank you for applying! Feel free to email any questions to info@bugssonline.org

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Do you know of any specific Saturdays in the spring and summer where you have conflicts? (It's totally fine if you have family vacations and such planned!)
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Please answer all questions in paragraph form: What does the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition mean to you? What interests you most about joining? What concerns you most about joining? *
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This opportunity is mostly student-driven! We need leaders. Give us an example of how you have lead in the past. Tell us what role you hope to lead in the iGEM team. *
Joining iGEM, you must work well in a team of your peers. Give us an example of how you've worked well in a team before. Upon joining iGEM what would be your priorities to make sure you are a great team-player? *
Nature and biology holds many answers. For example many organisms produce enzymes that can break down plastics! Scientists can try to produce and enhance these enzymes so that we can potentially reduce our plastic pollution which is monstrously detrimental to our global enviroment and our well-being. Please explain one problem that you would want to solve using biology and why it is important to you. Can you find any information on ways biology might help solve the problem? (Clue--look it up!) *
We might have missed something that you know we would just LOVE to know about you. Please include anything about yourself that you feel we should know. Thanks for your interest in joining this remarkable learning experience! *
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