John Read Middle School: Homework Center Permission
Please complete the following information to give permission for your child to attend Homework Center at JRMS during 2018-19. This form must be completed individually for each child. Completion of the form indicates your understanding and agreement that:
* All students attending Homework Center must adhere to all standard school policies, including those laid out in the Student Handbook, and are subject to applicable disciplinary action for violation of these policies.
* Students must sign up in the front office prior to attending.
* Students must come prepared with work to be completed. A student with no homework or ongoing projects should not attend Homework Center.
* Pick-ups begin at 5:00 and end at 5:20. Students picked up after 5:20 multiple times may be prohibited from further attendance.
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Student Allergies/Medications
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Please check yes that you have read and understand the guidelines for Homework Center
Please check Yes that you give permission for your child to attend Homework Center
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