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It's much easier to show you rather than explain it to you. That can be done with a free 60 minute session.

However, here's THREE things we might aim for during a free session:

1️⃣ Total clarity on what you DON'T want in the next 3, 6 or 12 months (this is usually known, but not always)

2️⃣ Life changing specificity on exactly what you DO want, in the next 3, 6 or 12 months (this is rarely known yet almost everybody yearns to know)

3️⃣ Most importantly, uncovering the beliefs which up until now have blocked you from being, doing, or having what you most want in business and personal life. These beliefs may be consciously known or completely unknown because they are hidden at a subconscious level.


❗ No matter where you may be at this point in your business or personal life ...
❗ No matter how dark a place you may feel lost in right now ...
❗ No matter how hopeless it may feel ...

Expect MIRACLES. I speak from experience. Let me tell you ...


So you know who I am, here's my story. Stories help get us acquainted and set the stage for what's ahead.

I healed my broken life back in 2009. Some who know me say it's a miracle. That's how I know the impossible is possible. Miracles can be made to happen.

Today I use my experience and first-hand information to help people heal their own lives. Which can mean a total life transformation in health, wealth, and a peace-of-mind you never thought possible.

A lot happened in the years following the 1980's when I was a young family man with a professional career as a sought after graduate in social science, and counselling.

Fast forward to 2009 when aged 51, and my life was broken and in a shambles. A far worse state than any of the hundreds of private clients I had counselled as a social worker.


In March of 2009 I was was unwell, unemployable, and according to my medical doctor - unlikely to survive another six months.

Having a mostly untreated mental health condition (chronic intermittent suicidal depression) along with a history of long-term self-medicating with alcohol and drugs, meant one thing. My life was a mess and in desperate need of healing.

Obviously things got better or you wouldn't be reading this page in 2020. So, how did it all turn around?


My own transformation was far from easy. It was hard work. But, it got easier and easier day by day.

So, what 'thing' happened?

There was no one 'thing'. No more than a single ingredient goes into making a wonderful wedding cake.

Here's a list of the ingredients I recall going into those crucial FIRST 90 DAYS:

✔ Willingness and commitment to heal/change
✔ Attended every professional appointment
✔ I did what I was told. I wanted and needed to be TOLD what to do next
✔ I listened to my doctor and professional coach
✔ I remained 100% compliant when taking prescribed medication
✔ I took notes in appointments and at home afterwards
✔I read the books suggested to me
✔ I studied like my life depended on it (because it did)
✔ I meditated - and didn't like it. But even that changed
✔ I spoke positive affirmations out loud daily
✔ I repeated French psychologist, Émile Coué's healing affirmation ...
🙏 "Every day in every way, I'm getting better and better."
✔ I cried. I sobbed. I literally knelt at my bedside like a child, and prayed
✔ I self-recorded affirmations and played them on loop as I went to sleep
✔ I listened to other positive messages on CD's throughout the day
✔ I felt weak and defeated at times
✔ I felt like giving up - multiple times
✔ I stuck with it - and did not relapse
✔ I did the mind work
✔ I stayed with the 'program'
✔ ... and my life began to heal and eventually be TRANSFORMED

Since 2009 I've been blessed to see three gorgeous, healthy grandchildren born. I met a woman in 2012 who fell in love with me - and I with her. We married in 2013 and life is so good.

I even became the father of another daughter. Now I am the proud father of three daughters and a grandfather of three granddaughters - all of whom I love and adore to pieces.


❗ No matter where you may be at this point in your life...
❗ No matter how dark a place you may feel yourself to be...
❗ No matter how hopeless it may feel - I can tell you this...

A life can be transformed. Expect miracles. Accept my blessings into your heart. And don't DARE give up!

✋ But, WAIT ...

What are we really talking about when we say, "Miracles Mentoring"?

What we're NOT talking about is your mental and/or physical health (please read Disclaimer at the bottom of this page). We ARE talking about personal transformation after releasing the barriers and blockages holding you back from fulfilling your true purpose in life.

Common blockages which can be cleaned and cleared, but by no means specific to you are:

❌ lack of self-worth
❌ self-doubt
❌ approval seeking
❌ no clarity of purpose
❌ undefined intentions/goals
❌ inaction
❌ feeding distractions (hello social media!)
❌ self-criticism
❌ self-sabotage
❌ staying in a comfort zone
❌ need for perfection
❌ fear of success
❌ fear of failure
❌ fear of what other people may think, say, or do
❌ not having a budget
❌ not knowing when to let go (control)
❌ not asking for help
... and lots, lots more


If you would like to experience a 60 minute powerfully honest coaching conversation BEFORE we even think about you joining one of my programs by invitation - then submit answers to the few question on the NEXT page.

I'll be back to you to either clarify, advise I'm not the best person to talk to, or schedule a day and time asap.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Searles
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