FYI Group Activity
In this FYI session, we hope you’ll get to know your library’s helpful people, spaces, and resources and move forward with ideas on how to get started with research for your classes.
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1) Perform a Google search on one of the topics from our mind map.
What words did you search on?
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2) Tell us about your Google results.
Did you find what you expected? What did you notice about the information sources? How many hits did you get?
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3) Perform a search from the library homepage "One Search"
Tell us about the search words you chose and your results.
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4) What did you think about using the library's "One Search"?
What differences did you notice from a Google search? How was it interesting/useful/challenging/etc.?
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5) Find a research guide that could be useful for one of your upcoming classes (Copy and Paste the link with your answer).
How will this guide be useful for you?
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6) Explore the Library website and find a page that could be helpful for your first year of school (include the link).
What's useful about the webpage you chose?
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7) List three ways you might start a research project.
Where might you go? Who might you talk to?
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8) List three ways you can get help from a librarian
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9) What was the most important thing you learned in this session?
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10) What questions do you still have about the CMU Library?
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