CodeChef Women's Day Survey 2018
The coding community is often referred to as 'brogrammers' and is considered to be a boy's club. CodeChef too faces an issue of lack of gender diversity on its platform and the team is now set to solve this. Fill this survey form and share your opinion irrespective of your gender, if you feel this issue needs to be addressed.
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Lack of good mentors or role models in programming is one of the issues that women face *
Females have the same ability, diligence and intelligence to become good coders as men however societal pressure and stereotypes hold them back *
Describe what you feel is the reason behind the existing gender gap in the field of competitive programming
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Are you ready to contribute to reduce this gender gap in competitive programming? *
CodeChef as a platform should start an initiative exclusively to encourage female users and enhance their skills *
According to you, how can CodeChef as a platform increase and encourage active female users?
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