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This form is to be used to fill the details of the lecture sent to you for Titling by VCV team. Guidelines for filling the form are available here -

TIP: It might be convenient for some devotees to first write the details of each field on paper while hearing the lecture, and then enter the details into the Online Submission Form.

One form will be filled out per lecture. After filling it out for one lecture and clicking the Submit button, you can start another submission for the next lecture. Some tips are also given below each field. Once you fill in the details and click 'Submit', VCV team will automatically get the information. Please note that some fields are required and submission will not take place if they left blank.

If you have any queries, please feel free to write to us at or WhatsApp on +91-8954560245.
A. Original File Name *
This is the original mp3 name, as it is received from VCV Team. We suggest you copy paste this, to avoid errors.
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B. Date
This is taken from original file name which is in yymmdd format. This column is in format. Please maintain format as it gets easier to sort later.
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C. Place
Mostly lectures are sorted based on where the katha was spoken. Please write the name of the city here.
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D. Main Topics
Whichever main topics Srila Maharaja has spoken on should be written here. Mostly these would be 1 or 2 with exceptions of rare cases.
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E. Suggested Name
The Format of the lecture Title is Date-topic-title in Format. Title can be any most important point that Srila Maharaja stressed on during the lecture. It can also a line he said in the katha as it is.
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F. Topics Spoken On - Brief Summary *
Try to cover all important topics which Srila Maharaja has covered in the lecture. PLEASE SEPARATE POINTS WITH A DASH (-). Typically a 30 minute lecture has 8-12 points on an average. If you are unsure whether to include a particular detail, rather include it than lose out on the information. Please try to make the point understandable for a reader who hasn’t heard the lecture. Do not write points such as ‘Sravanam, kirtanam’, or ‘Jagai and Madhai’. Each point should give an idea of the context Srila Maharaja is speaking on. So ‘Sravanam, kirtanam are the foundation of spiritual life’ or ‘Jagai-Madhai became acaryas by power of sankirtan’ is a more appropriate way to phrase each point.
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G. Lecture Language *
Please mention which language the lecture file includes.
H. Sound Editing Needed?
If the lecture has some audio issues like too much background noise, or long pauses, or some part of the speech needs to be edited, please mention in this column with comments on what the issue is.
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I. Filled By *
Please enter your name here.
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J. Translator *
Please choose the name of the translator here. In cases where, in Hindi lectures Madhavpriya Prabhu, has further elaborated some points in Hindi itself, please select his name below.
K. Is it a Tithi Lecture? *
Only applicable in audios where Srila Maharaja is speaking. Please mention whether this is a tithi lecture.
L. Tithi Duration
Only applicable in case of 'Yes' in field 'K' above. Please mention the minutes of the audio at which Srila Maharaja begins and stops speaking about the tithi and starts his regular katha.
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