Go STEM Institute 2019: Exploring Earth with Drones
Thank you for your interest in the Go STEM Institute! Please read and complete this application carefully!

The Go STEM Institute is a one-week Science, Technology, Engineering and Math experience for young people going into grades 7-9. Facilitated by the CDO-STEM Council and the A.J. Read Science Discovery Center of SUNY Oneonta, the Go STEM Institute is a great opportunity for a science-motivated young person to get hands on with high technology and high concepts -- all while having a lot of fun! The Go STEM Institute runs for one week from July 22-26th from 9am to 3pm and is located at the A.J. Read Science Discovery Center at SUNY Oneonta. Lunch is provided.

--Application Timeline--

May 20 -- Applications close
June 3 -- Participant acceptance packets emailed
July 1 -- Participant forms and tuition due
Monday, July 22 -- FIRST DAY OF INSTITUTE!
Friday, July 26th: Last Day and Institute Showcase at 3pm!

— Participant Selection / Notification —

We have limited space available for this summer's Institute, so please submit your application by the deadline on May 20. It is very important that participants attend the full week and the showcase so they can participate in the entire program. If your child is unable to attend the full week, we ask that you consider applying again in the future to make room for other participants who are able to fully participate.

It is imperative to our mission and vision that we ensure our programs are accessible to and inclusive of youth and families of all backgrounds regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, geographic location, ability, and experience. Please be aware that we make every effort to welcome back returning participants, but we cannot guarantee spots for returning participants. Please contact us with any questions about the application process.

— Sliding Scale Tuition —

We attempt to keep our recommended fee low and offer a sliding scale to our applicants. The 2019 recommended Institute Fee is $100 per attendee. We ask applicants to commit to paying what they can. Those who can contribute more than the recommended Institute Fee help provide those who require financial assistance with the opportunity to attend our program.

We seek to support each child who wants to participate in the Go STEM Institute. We also recognize that not all members of our community have equal access to financial resources. One way we can acknowledge these economic differences and provide access to our programs for all participants is by providing sliding scale tuition.

With our sliding scale tuition, each family is able to determine how much they are able to contribute to our program. We do not want tuition costs to deter anyone from applying to the Institute.

--This Year's Theme: Exploring Earth with Drones

Google Maps can show you any place on earth, and yet there is so much left to discover! Guided by satellites in space, remote-piloted drones have extended our ability to explore our world. And we discover new things every day: the ruins of civilizations lost to history, massive cave systems, and exotic new species of plants and animals. Drones can go where we can’t, and often see what we can’t. Institute participants will learn all about this revolutionary new technology, including the principles of coding, GPS, electronics, aeronautics, flight safety, and the career opportunities in the growing field of remote piloted vehicles. We’ll learn about some of the most exciting exploration and mapping projects out there, hear first-hand from people in the field, and log lots of flight time on their own drones! Institute participants will join in this new golden age of exploration, building skills and knowledge that lead up to a final project: remotely exploring a local natural area that’s hard to reach, except for drones!

NOTE: This year's Institute will (because of its theme) spend more time outside than in previous years. Applicants should be aware that the group will undertake some light hiking and proper footwear and outdoor clothing will be required, and that safety during these activities will be stressed. Exploring Earth means using our minds AND bodies!
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