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We are fired up about expanding our grassroots volunteer team. Please sign up below for the following types of volunteers:


General Volunteer - If you are interested in volunteering to get Mark elected, please fill out the first section of this form ("General Volunteer") - all time availability welcome!

You can read more about the neighborhood council program here:

Neighborhood Council Member - If you are interested in helping run field operations in your neighborhood, please fill out both sections of this form ("General Volunteer" and "Neighborhood Councils")

Neighborhood Council Leader - If you are interested in being responsible for the operations of your neighborhood council, please fill out both sections of this form ("General Volunteer" and "Neighborhood Councils")

If you have any questions, reach out to us at Our team will get back to you soon once you've filled out this form!
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Neighborhood Councils
If you're interested in becoming a Neighborhood Council leader, continue to fill out the form here!

All questions below are required if you are interested in becoming either a MEMBER or a LEADER.

Before signing up, please read about the Neighborhood Council program here:
Have you worked on a campaign before? (Everyone, regardless of experience, is welcome on a neighborhood council! We want to make sure we pair newer campaigners with folks who have more experience)
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Do you have phone banking experience?
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Do you have canvassing/visibility experience?
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Tell us briefly about your relationship to your neighborhood. (How long have you lived there? Are you a student there? Do you work there? Are you engaged in any neighborhood clubs?)
If signing up to be a LEADER of neighborhood council, can you commit to managing the responsibilities outlined in the Neighborhood Council flyer? (
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