Beyond Borders Storytelling: Pitch your story
We are looking for stories for our February 20th Obssessed Story Jam as well as future shows. If you have a story that fits one of our themes, please tell us about it!

* Please describe your story in a few sentences. We want to know what happens: actual events, places, characters. Tell us what the conflict is. You don't have to tell us the ending (though we're dying to know), but provide enough detail to give us a sense of the story arc.
* Stories must be true and based on your first hand experience
* Stories can be from 3-10 min long
* No essays - stories must be action based

Example of a good pitch:

"As an Indian, my introduction to this country at age 16 entering college in the Midwest taught me the first three words when I landed in this country. Those words - hooker, Thanksgiving, and pizza. How these came to be the 3 things I learned first when I arrived as a teenager in a 3-piece suit to spend my formative years? The story walks through my 1st few days in Ohio and the circumstances on how I discovered these words and what they mean to a 16 year old Indian seeing America for the first time."

Please do not send a pitch like the following --- it may be a great story, but it does not tell us what happened:

"Ten years ago I got a letter in the mail that changed my life forever. It was a perfectly normal day, then suddenly my entire sense of self was shattered and the world crumbled around me."

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