Become a Just Gardener in 2020
We build subsidized food gardens for low income families community members in their homes or community spaces. We build by neighborhood, so if you have neighbors that would qualify to be a Just Garden gardener, have them apply to increase the chance that we build in your area. The gardens include between one and three 4'x8' beds, soil, seeds, starts, gardening guide and free access to our gardening workshops. A single 4x8' raised bed can produce up to $215 worth of vegetables in a single year!

Gardeners Receive:
• Between one and three 4'x8' raised beds filled with high organic content soil.
• Free vegetable starts
• Free seeds (you can also buy more seed with food stamps)
• Free gardening guides
• Free access to our gardening workshops

Gardeners Commit to:
• Contributing between $5 and $500 to the cost of your garden:
• Accepting the responsibility of your garden and taking care of it
• Contributing to YOUR garden build - Inviting neighbors, friends, and community members to help.
• Volunteering with the Just Garden Project 10 or more hours (over the course of the year, on other builds, community or outreach events, and/or mentoring the next folks.
• Sharing what food you cannot use yourself with family and community

As a food gardener, you are rewarded with fresh food of your choosing and the benefits of gardening for years to come.
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