GBIF GNM13 Break-out group: Biodiversity Informatics Curriculum

This survey is part of the preparatory work before the 13th Global Nodes meeting, linked to one of the break-out groups planned for that meeting.

With it, we intend to get an idea of the current level of activity in the GBIF network in connection with training and education about biodiversity informatics. We want to get an overview of Node Managers already engaged in developing course curricula or providing training, and whether participants would be willing to share resources or enter into collaborations using the means offered by GBIF globally.

The survey has TWO PARTS. The first part contains six quick questions and we would like to invite ALL node managers to answer them. The second part includes ten questions with a higher level of detail. We would appreciate if those involved in further activities could spend a bit of extra time filling that part too. The second part will most likely be distributed outside the nodes community after the Global Nodes Meeting in Madagascar.

For any comment or questions, please contact the group coordinators Fatima Parker ( and Yu-Huang Wang (